Ready2Order Ideas Hackathon

from Friday, October 4, 2019 7:00AM to Sunday, October 6, 2019 10:00AM

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Hey, YOU! Do you have a world-changing idea that just waits to be executed? Or maybe you are a coder or a programmer and interested in a CHALLENGING and FUN event? Join the ready2order Hackathon, form your team and build your MVP ! Tickets Types If you have an idea for a project - please choose the Idea Owner ticket. If you are a professional (Software developer, UX designer, machine learning eng, researcher) please choose the Participant ticket If you want to volunteer and assist in organizing - please choose the Volunteer Ticket  How does it work? After hearing entrepreneurs ideas on the first day, you'll be able then to choose and join your favorite project team and work on a prototype during the rest of the weekend (Team size limit may apply). On Sunday, when the prototype is ready, each team will present it to the jury. Amazing prizes are waiting for the winning projects, where both creativity and execution quality are taking into consideration... But that's not it - During the weekend, we'll take care of the fun part with plenty of surprises! What are the Requirements? You are expected to know how to code. It can be either front-end (Angular, React, Vue, etc.) or backend - Java/Python/.NET/PHP... knowledge in Data Science is of course, always welcomed! Time schedule: Friday 14:00 - Gathering 14:30 - Welcome Ceremony 15:00 - Pitch your idea 16:00 - Team Formation 20:00 - Team building & Creativity games Saturday 09:00 - Early Bird Breakfast Free Hacking 12:30 - Lunch 14:00 - Status update Free Hacking 18:30 - Dinner & Activities Sunday 09:00 - Early Bird Breakfast Free Hacking 12:00 - Submission Deadline 12:30 - Lunch 14:00 - Presentations 16:00 - Jury decision 17:30 - Afterdrinks & Pizza
Treustrasse 22-24 Wien Wien AT

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