Co-Founder and CTO/CIO Posted on 6/13/2016


We're currently looking for a developer co-founder. Skills in mobile app development or eCommerce are desired.
What do we do?
Locana is an online superstore that lists every product held in your local stores in real time. In other words: we integrate the inventory systems of all stores in your city with our platform. The customer then can find products within his region, can reserve, and buy. Thus, we simplify local shopping.
Who we are?
You would have a strong business team behind you, as well as one more developer.We have MBAs and Masters in Entrepreneurship and business law backgrounds.
The business concept is fully developed; a 120-page business plan is entirely written. A pitch deck is ready. All financial plans are prepared. The first retail stores are signed. The prototype is almost finished.
Why we need you?
We need you as an integral part of our team to expand the functionality of our prototype so that we can strive for a big seed investment.
Why are we so confident? 
Because local eCommerce is growing in the U.S.; a similar concept on a different continent just got $30 Million in funding. We think, our concept and operational tactics are better, and with the right developer in our team, we will revolutionize shopping.
We would love to hear from you!
Position: Open Position
Salary: Negotiable

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