AngularJS Developer Posted on 9/21/2017

The GoodLooking Company

Build Beautiful Things to Heal the World

Software and Systems Developer

Are you ready to change the world? Are you capable of creating intelligent, sophisticated software? Can you program in AngularJS? If so, you might be GoodLooking.

We are actively recruiting for an Associate or Senior Level Developer who can help us scale our healthcare technology applications 1,000 fold. We currently serve clients across the country, but are ramping up for our first international release. This next year, we expect our client base to grow by 500,000 daily users. We need a developer who can help us handle that growth successfully.

Being GoodLooking has its perks:

Company-furnished drinks and snacks 
Company-furnished Aeron chairs (the most comfortable ever built) 
Company-furnished laptops or tablets 
Independence and respect 
Assistance to obtain certifications and training 
CEs and ongoing training to make you the best developer possible 

What it takes to be GoodLooking:

Talent. You must be a very good programmer. We are building enterprise-level applications for healthcare providers. It requires precision, intelligence, and focus. 

Dependability. We rely on our senior developers and so do thousands of patients, every day. We need someone who can show up to work, ready to work, ready to change the world every day. 

Experience. You must know AngularJS very well. It would be great if you knew some iOS programming. It would be ideal if you also knew how to install and troubleshoot Linux, Nginx, and MySQL. 

Honesty. We expect honesty and transparency from every team member. No exceptions. 

What you will be doing:

Arrive around 9am. Music will be pumping; people will be laughing. Someone will probably have a stack of their mom's breakfast tacos to share. 

You will sit down in your Aeron chair, throw your headphones on, and crank up our system monitoring program. 

Most of your day will involve programming advanced healthcare applications. You will program in AngularJS, Swift/xCode, PHP, and MySQL. You will program for iOS and the web. 

You will take an hour lunch. Most days, you will tag along with your new friends - other software developers and client advisors. They will talk about video games and Game of Thrones. You will laugh...a lot. 

You will usually take off around 4pm. 

On Tuesdays, you will go to the CEO's house for poker night and drink and eat with the gang. Or not, your choice. 

Everyday, you will be making a huge difference in the lives of patients suffering from sickness and disease by programming the industry's most advanced technology solutions. 

What you will be making:

A difference. This job is a calling that changes people's lives. It will change your life and the lives of countless patients. You will be making the world a better place. 

A life. We understand that you have family and friends outside of the office. We work hard to make sure you have a lot of time to spend with them. Your work day will be scheduled to give you plenty of time to enjoy life. 

A living. We pay well above the average salary for Developers in Texas. We expect the best, so we give the best. First year salary and bonuses for Associate-level Developers at GoodLooking range from $70-$95K. 

To apply, please upload your resume and cover letter.

What We're Building

GoodLooking builds technology products and services that help healthcare providers run beautiful businesses. By creating a SaaS product that has everything they need to market, recruit, intake, service, and bill patients, we have created a platform that allows providers to focus on caring for their patients.

We are also practicing what we preach by operating two homecare agencies and virtual care clinics. We are also partnering with governments, payers, accountable care organizations, and other providers to manage their facilities.

Position: Fulltime
Salary: $50K – $100K

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